TA:04 Shane Rothe and how architects can see the future market

TA:04 Shane Rothe and how architects can see the future market

Before most new apartment projects are completed an architect sat down with a developer about 5 years before that to plan the new apartment development. So if you want to know what is going to be happening in 5 years time from now an architect is a great person to ask.

Shane Rothe is the Founding Principal and Director of RotheLowman and with his partner Kim Lowman they have a better idea than most on what the future holds for new apartment projects as well as other residential sectors. RotheLowaman have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and while they are prominent in many disciplines of architecture they have a strong position in the apartment market around Australia.

In this interview I speak with Shane on what direction the apartment market is taking. We talk about

  • the format and size of apartments currently in design
  • services and facilities in most new projects and the cost of supplying such services
  • the regulatory environment (particularly in Vic) and its impact
  • how the apartment markets compare around Australia.
  • how the demand swings between smaller and larger apartments.
  • the return of home buyers for off the plan apartments.
  • environmental initiatives in new apartment projects
  • the trend for community services in an apartment building.

Shane’s long history in many markets and many states is inciteful and his commentary provides a valuable and balanced perspective.


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