TA:10 airbnb… will it kill the rental market?

TA:10 airbnb… will it kill the rental market?

Airbnb is the biggest thing to happen to accomodation around the world. And not just hotel accomodation (although that is a massive part of it) all accomodation including the long term rental market both directly and indirectly.

There are some great stories and some hate stories from lots of perspectives. These range from people making easy cash, to cheap and great travel experiences, to tragic stories of homes being trashed and innocent next door neighbours who just what the simple quiet life.

Outside the US Australia has the biggest short stay market in the world. We know Australia follows the US in many things so if you want to know what is going to happen here over the next few years just take a peak over the pond and see what is happening in the US.

Andrew Keene lives in USA and while his day job trades the stock market -Alpha Shark Trading – he has invested in property for the sole purpose to cash in on the burgeoning airbnb market. He has studied it in intimate detail, experienced it first hand, learnt what works and what doesn’t and how to work the system to maximise his return. He knows so much about it he has written a book – The Airbnb Profit Blueprint¬†which tells you how to make money with airbnb, increase your ranking, and reduce the amount of time you spend working on your listing.

Andrew explains how airbnb is not for everyone, nor every property, but if you can bring all the pieces together there is definitely money to be made.

Join me with Andrew Keene to chat about airbnb US style.

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