TA: 19 – Apartments designed to improve the community

TA: 19 – Apartments designed to improve the community

How refreshing it is to hear Abbie Freestone talk about community living. Assemble Communities are very focused on ensuring apartment living does not mean a compromise to someones quality of life. It is easy to say and perhaps harder to deliver unless you turn the entire apartment development model upside down and consult closely with the future residents to provide what they want.

With their print and subscriber partner Assemble Papers and developer Make Ventures Abbie explains how being dedicated to housing and shaping the culture of people living closer together plays out in the real world.

Most of our discussions on Talking Apartments focus on the financial and capital market side of apartments to keep you on top of the market and help with decisions about owning, buying, selling, and managing your property investment so I have been so pleased to chat to Abbie and found just what I was looking for.

Abbie has a background in Urbanism & Architectural communications and as you will hear she lives and breathes urban communities.

Abbie generously gave us her time to let us know what they are up to.

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