TA:03 REA Chief Economist – Nerida Conisbee talks apartments

TA:03 REA Chief Economist – Nerida Conisbee talks apartments

There is a lot of talk about the apartment market and many questions being asked.

  • Who is buying the apartments?
  • How many buyers are from overseas?
  • Where are the best places to buy an apartment?
  • How is the demand for apartments?
  • Have we built too many apartments?

To answer these and many other questions I sat down with the Chief Economist for REA Group (www.realestate.com.au) Nerida Conisbee and put her under the microscope to get the answers.

Nerida has access to the data generated from over 7 million property searches on realestate.com.au everyday and she can see on a daily basis how demand is trending and for what type of property.

When you buy an apartment or sell an apartment you want to know what the apartment market is doing and where are the hot and cold spots in the market. You also what to know why the market is behaving this way so you can tell how much it will impact you and adjust your plans accordingly.

For more passive investors the rental market also of interest and we talk to Nerida about the vacancy issues and who is occupying apartments.

With a national role Nerida is able to share her views of the apartment market around Australia.

The overall demand index is climbing

But the apartment demand index is dropping in Sydney

The demand from China based buyers is dropping…

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