TA:05 Set up for Property Investment Success – Domenic Suleman

TA:05 Set up for Property Investment Success – Domenic Suleman

When we go hunting for a property investment the very first thing most people do is start searching for a great property by following all the rules of location, aspect, size, access to facilities, etc etc.

But according to Domenic Suleman – Director of BCG  the decision of what property to buy is about number 7 on the list of things to do.

Domenic’s book  “Property Investment” starts off with asking a few important questions …

  1. What can I afford?
  2. What does the property investment analysis look like?
  3. Whose name should I buy it in?
  4. What are the tax differences between different ownership structures?
  5. What type of loan is best?
  6. How do I protect my assets?
    and once we have answered all these questions can we then ask…
  7. What is the most suitable investment property?

Once you have worked through these steps you will be well placed to then start searching for the right property for you that will ensure your goals or objectives of property investment are delivered by the property investment that is best placed to deliver them.

Domenic’s book is available here and his check list of rental property deductions is available here which has many things you may not currently be claiming at tax time.

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