TA:12 Off the plan sales… what does everyone think?

TA:12 Off the plan sales… what does everyone think?

Get ready to come behind the curtain and into the world of off the plan sales. Here the Founder and CEO of Investorist Jon Ellis shares with me not only what he thinks is going on in the market but what his clients and customers think.

As we know when markets prices rise or fall it is usually as a result of how people feel and not economic logic. In fact I recently heard an economist say “Economists are often looking back to make sense of why something happened”. So there is no better insight to a market than a sentiment survey to find out how the market is feeling… and this one is about off the plan property. (ie apartments sold before they are constructed)

Behind the consumer retail front of display suites and glossy advertising is a complex global network of property developers, agents and advisors who connect to promote, track and sell off the plan property. This network of industry heavyweights and major projects is brought together by an Australian company called Investorist who provide a business to business service spanning the globe.

So given sentiment drives markets Investorist recently thought they would ask their network of clients what they thought was happening in the world of off the plan development and sales.

You can get your own copy of the survey here or hear the key takeaways directly from Jon on this podcast.

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