TA:17 the owner / tenant rules are changing. get up to speed.

TA:17 the owner / tenant rules are changing. get up to speed.

The Residential Tenancies Act and several other pieces of legislation controlling the rules that govern how people lease property between each other is changing.

This impacts peoples lives including a tenants home and an owners very large financial livelihood and it is complex to get it right. As societies expectations change and the way our cities and towns operate so must the rules that govern how we live. Technology changes also play a part. Hopefully your property manager is up to speed so you don’t need to worry but we just want to help you out.

Hayley Mitchell – Director of Mitchell Property Training is 100% focused on making sure everyone understand the forthcoming changes. Not just professionals managing rented accommodation every day but owners and renters the like. We were delighted when she agreed to speak to us and give us the goods on what the major changes are and what people need to know.

To check on how the changes will play out in practice we asked Kelly Thomas – Team Leader at Wood Property Partners to join us for the chat. Kelly runs the Property Management team and has over 12 years of property management experience.

Between Hayley and Kelly they are able to unpack the changes for you and even predict how these are playing out in the market already.

Here are some valuable links for you to check out more detail about the changes.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Victorian Government


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