TA:24 Former Pro Cyclist on why bikes are great for apartments

TA:24 Former Pro Cyclist on why bikes are great for apartments

For 10 years from the mid 80’s Stephen Hodge was one of Australia’s leading professional cyclists racing in Europe competing in 6 x Tour de France, 4 x Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) and 2 x Vuelta a Espana (Tour of Spain). Through the work he and others have done on and off the bike he has helped pave the way for male and female Australian cyclists to win not only the Tour de France but many other prestigious races around the world.

Stephen continues to champion cycling – but this time it’s for everyone, and he does this in his role as Director – National Advocacy with We Ride Australia. He is working for you even if you don’t ride a bike.

That’s right… because even if you don’t ride a bike, the case for safer cycling that Stephen espouses, means there will be less cars on the road, which means less congestion and money needed for new roads, plus a happier, healthier community which lightens the load on hospitals due to the health benefits cycling brings, plus many other benefits. And that is good for everyone.

Stephen shares his international observations where commuting by bike is well entrenched and brings hugh community benefits to everyone.

So why don’t more people ride a bike for those small trips for work, school, friends, or just the bread and milk? Tune in and find out…

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