TA:25 How Domain reads the apartment market

TA:25 How Domain reads the apartment market

While the spring selling season tends to drive the housing market, the apartment market doesn’t like to miss a good party and this year, it is getting picked up for the ride. Spring has sprung early and values are on the move.

Trent Wiltshire is an economist at Domain focusing on the property market and housing policy. As you will hear he has some good news for both house and apartment owners.

While the amount of property being offered for sale is lower than this time last year, Auction clearance rates have picked up in the last month. And so has the number of people attending inspections which Trent can see from his access to inspection data.

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Trent’s experience of 4 years at the Reserve Bank of Australia and 3 years at the Grattan Institute positions him very well to read the more macro economic signals and overlay it with the latest property data coming out of Domain to form a view on how the apartment market will play out over the next 2 to 3 years and shares it will us here.

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