TA:26 Do you need landlord insurance?

TA:26 Do you need landlord insurance?

One of the keys to having a sucessful investment property is getting all the little things right. Some of them like landlord insurance don’t make for riveting dinner party conversation, but are very important to understand and have in place.

Landlord insurace for apartments is a bit different from houses. For a start it is part of a larger building and has many other residents and owners all around it.

What does it cover? How much does it cost? Am I paying for the tenants insurance? What happens if my tenant wrecks the place and takes off?

Roy Garcia is the Executive relationship manager in Victoria for EBM RentCover has a very solid understanding of this topic and cuts to the chase on all these questions and  other things you need to know.

Talking Apartments and its sponsor Wood Property Partners are not endorsing or specifically recommending EBM RentCover and you are encouraged to do your own research to find the insurance cover that is right for you, your circumstances and your property.

  • RentCover policies are issued by QBE
  • Before deciding to buy insurance, download the Product Disclosure Statement available on the RentCover.com.au
  • All advice given in this chat is general advice only
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