TA:29 Tenants and Owners in a Covid-19 world

TA:29 Tenants and Owners in a Covid-19 world

Firstly I hope this finds you and your loved ones well and successfully working your way through all of the challenges Covid-19 is creating for all of us.

Over the last 2 weeks there has been lots of announcements from the government and industry bodies about changes in response to our living, working and financial arrangements. The federal and state governments have been very active is getting financial support measures in place such as the Job Keeper and Job Seeker packages as well as concessions for business to help keep people in work.

One area that has so far eluded government changes is the arrangement for residential tenants and landlords and how they should deal with the challenges being thrown up. Save for a statement that residential tenants can not be evicted for 6 months from issues resulting from Covid-19 they have postponed any decision on this but we understand they hope to announce some initiative soon.

To find out what is going on right now I have gone to the front line and asked Property Management (PM) experts Kelly Thomas and Kirsten Braiuka what they are seeing and hearing right now from tenants and landlords and what is their advice to each.

Kelly is the Director of PM and Kirsten is the team Leader of PM at Wood Property and they both have significant experience in PM but admittedly haven’t experienced a global pandemic before. Fortunately they are fasts learners and bring a healthy serve of human compassion mixed with a deep understanding of the legislation to find solutions.

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